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In the Astral Projection section we mentioned a rather interesting theory regarding 'angels,' 'demons,' and a thing called 'characters.' We shall now go into slightly more detail describing these beings, and their possible or known alignments.

First I shall discuss the evil-aligned beings and provide illustrations. This article is always under construction as new materials shall be added as more information is gathered.
To clarify things for you, Characters are beings created by the human imagination. Because the Astral Planes are a plane of all sentient and conscious human thought, it is actually not uncommon to witness fictional beings. But careful. These beings are not to be taken lightly. Being in the Astral Planes , they have more tools; they can manipulate a person's emotions and thoughts in their favor by planting a desire or thought in your mind. It is your choice, however, to react to that or not.
Good characters are similar to angels. These can be heroes from a movie, game, or anything. Even one you make yourself. It is similar to the concept of imaginary friends. Have an open mind, if you shall. Channeling is the term used for those who allow their characters or other spirits to speak through their body. This sadly cannot grant you superhuman strength or whatnot as they are limited only to what you can do. Good characters usually encourage you and are friends forever.
Evil Characters are villainous types that usually lounge around and feed off of negative or harmful emotions such as fear, sexual violation, trying to overpower you, or even a forceful possession that can only be cured by such things as a professional exorcism. They are similar to demons, if not one and the same.
Use caution when diving into the realm of the Astral Planes; these beings are not to be taken lightly. Think twice before you decide to seek them out.
First, let us go over a library of the most common and most evil of all astral entities.


The Greys
The most infamous of all Astral Entities, Greys are your classic 'space alien' type. They are usually very thin and have teardrop shaped heads, with almond shaped black eyes that appear to have no slits or pupils. Their eyes are usually reflective, and if stared into, usually produce a buzzing noise in your head. They are highly psychic, and empathic, but cannot read minds. They are physically weak, but have a high level of telekinetic power and the stronger greys can lift even large animals without the help of other Greys with just their mind alone.
Greys usually find their victims sleeping, so they can take and operate upon their astral bodies, usually to plant tracking devices or devices that enable them to interact with the human nervous systems or monitor their bodily functions for their sick and twisted experiments.
They come in many colors, shapes, and sizes, ranging anywhere from 2 feet tall (infant) to about 7 feet tall (the more elite ranking.) They appear to be emotionless. They usually deceive man into making agreements with them and make excuses that their vile and privacy-violating experiments are for the "greater good for all," but they have anything but good intentions.
Fight the Greys back. Don't let them anywhere near you. They use a sleeping technique that makes you fall asleep; squirm and move to wake yourself back up so they cannot harm you. They also have a paralysing technique similar to Dolphins, that makes you feel like you're being jolted with electricity. Fight back and move with all your might.
Their last resort technique is a technique that seems to make you move in slow motion; only the strongest of Greys can do this. Punch the Greys in their eyes or anywhere on their head. Never strike the body as it won't do them much harm. Usually they bleed a black ink-like substance that turns into water after about 30 seconds and then completely disappears; this will not harm you, but do not let it get into a cut, scrape, or any orifice under any circumstances. Surviving Grey cells can even be a danger as every atom of their being is filled with the most evil of all energies.
The Greys are rumored to be from the Zeta Reticuli star system, but also there are many from the Constellations of Orion.

This is a SICK example of a half-human, half-grey hybrid.

These beings interact with you usually in the Astral Planes. They are capable of travelling this world, but only in a ghost-like form that cannot interact with any physical objects. They must expend a large amount of Ki to maintain a flesh form in our world, therefor, physical harm is not possible. However, they can influence thoughts since they live within the astral planes and invade dreams. They can make you feel any emotion, but it is your choice to listen to their persuations or not. They act as demons, and 'tempt' you by planting seeds within your head, or thoughts. If they observe you are quarrelling , they may tempt you to hit that person. It is not their fault, if you decide to take action; they merely suggested it. Yet they are very evil and should never be trusted no matter how nice they may seem to you at first. An interesting theory is that these beings are indeed Fallen Angels, or Demons, and servants of Satan himself. Read these interesting links below. Remember, when you are reading any site about the Greys or the paranormal, many of these sites are biased, filled with conspiracy theories taught as fact, or are in fact, people channeling the Greys and being duped themselves.
Zeta Talk  is ran by a young woman named Nancy. I wish not to speak ill of her, but she is being duped by the Greys, who claim that the coming Planet X of 2012 is evil. Actually, Planet X is mankind's one and only hope, according to new research. I do indeed pity her and hope that she will one day see the Greys' true intent is merely to deceive and destroy.
The Fall of Lucifer Is an interesting article on Satan. Satan and his demons use the Astral Planes as a tool to deceive mankind by planting the seeds of temptation within our heads. They regularly tempt  people to do evil and their will is done through us through evil characters.
Extraterrestials are Demons is a secondary interesting theory that I support with all my might. The Greys, amongst other Extraterrestrials, make the bold claims of being some sort of saviors to our race, who they depict truthfully, as cattle to them. Fall not for their deceit.


The Reptoids
Also named Reptilians, and Saurians. They usually are less aggressive than Greys and prefer to silently observe or manipulate emotions from afar. Many seem to monitor or record the experiments of the Greys and of their operations but do not participate themselves.
The above image was editted. Reason being, most of the time they appear as dark shadows with a mist over their bodies, and leaving little to see besides the eyes. Other times they shape the cloak to look like a giant version of their face and appear to be a floating Reptoid head, but in fact, is just a cloak.
They are pure evil. They do not communicate with humans and when contacted, usually just stare, or sometimes form faint lights or move curtains to harass or strike fear in the human heart.
Information on other sites of these beings may also, as with Greys, be either mockeries of the informations by skeptical communities, more conspiracy theories regarding them, or from misinformed individuals, or other people duped by the Reptilians themselves.
They have the same abilities as the Greys with the addition to flight, and cloaking , as well as moving through walls as some Greys can do. They appear to have no aircraft as they are also capable of teleportation.
Some are rumored to have wings or horns and be of different heights and colors ranging from white, to red, to black, to brown, to sickly green. The eyes are usually beedy and serpent-like.
Fighting them is not possible; they are as a mist and usually cloaked, using some strange black windy energies to enable them to quickly move out of harm's way. If one did manifest, it'd prefer to just fly backwards gently and swiftly as you try to hit it, until it backed up to a hazardous place such as a thornbush or sharp object, and then move out of the way, allowing you to fall right into harm's way. They are extremely cunning and most of the time would laugh at anything a human would ever possibly try to do to harm it. The most you can do is not ever go after them and just leave them alone; respect them, but in no way befriend any one of them ever.
Also, ALWAYS remember to use caution and skepticism when reading information on other sites about them. Remember to be able to discern hoax sites and fraudulent information from what is actually truthful facts about them. Remember even the creators of those sites could be duped by the Reptilians to make you not believe in their existence, or even be duping the skeptics as well.
They are as demons and tempters, and remain a mystery to all.


Vampires are beings from myth and legend, and as a result, do exist within the astral planes. As far as being existing beings within our world, is highly unlikely, but may or may not be impossible. I shall leave that for you, the viewer, to discern, as I've seen no living evidence myself.
Before we get started on discussing the different kinds of vampires and their abilities and features, keep in mind , a lot of people make the claims they are vampires out of wanting to have meaning in their life or to be more important, or to be able for others to accept them or for them to accept themselves. It is human instinct to want to seek something more; be kind and respect these individuals that make these claims, but also realise, they probably are not vampires.
Vampires are associated with lust, greed, overwhelming power, terror, rage, control, but also with luxury, wealth, sophistication, elegance, and superior intellect and intelligence.
The most commonly known ones are the Sanguin, the ones that feed off of the blood of human beings or from other vampires. Contrary to popular belief, a bite will not transform you into a vampire; you must be Sired by them. This means they drink all of your blood, slit their wrist, and force you to drink the blood after going through their bodies; thus you become one yourself.
Some speculate vampires are corpses that are animated and have no blood of their own and thusly must get it from others. Some speculate they are unable to reproduce while others speculate that they are perfectly capable of such feats, which leads to a secondary type of vampire - a Dunpeal, which is a hybrid of human and vampire offspring.
It is, to my understanding, friends of mine that have claimed to be Vampires and of Sanguin descent, do not always have to feed on blood; they are mortal as we are. Sunlight makes them nauseous and sick, but does not instantly bring death upon them. They age as we do. They have a high metabolism, as you'll NEVER see a fat or out of shape vampire. They eat and drink water as we do. They can also worship God and crosses do not affect them whatsoever.
According to my friend, they may feed upon sex for their vital energies and sustenance rather than merely blood. But if gone without blood for too long, a thing within called "The Beast" awakens. It is a more fierce version of themselves that makes them beast-like and go on a rampage, drinking blood and murdering people or doing whatever is needed to get their vital fluids. Usually this only occurs if a Sanguin has gone without at least a few pints of blood in a 3-month long period; even when feeding off of sex, they must still retrieve blood at least once every 3 months for sustenance to live.
The Beast, if my friend is truthful, is what is responsible for giving Sanguins a bad reputation as seen in the myths and legends, and is what caused the Holy Roman Empire to burn them and drive stakes through their hearts, and stuff their heads and bury them with garlic in their mouths; this was said to be the only way to kill them and keep them from resurrecting themselves.
In actuality, they can die of a bullet wound or anything a human can; they just tend to be able to fight harder out of desparation and even with death-dealing wounds seem to be able to land devastating blows when fighting.
Usually they have a level head and don't mess with anyone, and frown upon people such as bullies or those that start wars, though as anyone, some are just as corrupt as we humans are. Most are quiet, some like to party, others keep to themselves. Some are very open of discussing their existence and others are shy and prefer to keep quiet for fear of skeptics and of mockery from others.
This is all according to information from friends as I myself have had no personal experiences outside of the astral planes besides speaking to a few individuals who claim to be Sanguin Vampires. Their existence is probably only confined to the astral realms and they probably do not exist in the material world, but I could be wrong.
Treat all claims of Vampirism with skepticism, yet do not be rude to them nor challenge them to the point of being ill-mannered or unethical to them.
Other types of Vampires are pure evil. Psi Vampires feed upon the mental energies of people and usually leave them light headed or unable to think properly. I've had no encounters with these beings before, but apparently they drain pure Ki out of a human being, and while unable to kill them, can leave them waking up feeling drained and are a great nusance.
Some humans may have the abilities vampires possess, and claim to be vampires, yet are not actually vampires themselves, which adds yet even more possibilities and crazy theories. I apologise for the ambiguity of the Vampire portion of this article as it is neither conclusive nor is it able to ever be completed, as there are entire communities of people claiming to be Vampires, and they all have differing / conflicting beliefs regarding "themselves."
I can safely conclude that while some people may be able to drink blood and crave it similar to a vampire, I believe no true vampires exist, though I am also open to being proven wrong.

The concept of Mobians may seem a bit far-fetched, but bear with me if you will. The Astral Planes are a realm of all sentient human thought, thus, everything there exists and it is only a matter of finding where they exist in the Astral Planes rather than deciding if they even do.
The Mobians are anthro-type beings, which is to say, they are beings just like humans in every fasion except they also bear traits of animals. There are thousands of types, and noone could possibly list every possible type of Mobian as there is one for every kind of animal.
There are traits that all Mobians seem to share regardless of their particular species. This may or may not be the same as from the game series, but this is from facts I have gathered and what I have observed from my own personal interactions with them:
-They usually are fully sexually matured by age 4, and able to bear children at this age. Their lifespan is about the same as a normal healthy human being and some of them going far beyond.
-They are usually much more powerful when compared to a human for the obvious reasons they bear animal traits.
-They rarely travel to other planets and prefer to stay on their own.
-They rarely get sick, and are completely immune to almost any diseases. HIV, AIDs, Cancer, Hepatitis, or any disease that you could possibly think of has never been present in a single Mobian, though this is not to say that they are incapable of becoming sick, but this could be attributed to an extremely powerful immune system.
-Their metabolisms are extremely fast. It is rare to see a fat Mobian unless it is a trait of the animal they represent.
-Their environment and planet is so clean and pollution of any kind is almost completely absent, therefore, most of them are vastly healthy. Thornbushes and usual natural hazards are rare and you could walk on grass barefooted through most areas as it is just miles and miles of green grass and water.
Not much is really known about them, but their civilisation is quite advanced. They live much like we do, and you'd be surprised that their world and ours have virtually no difference besides they usually count 2 years every year instead of just one, and their technology is vastly ahead of ours in terms of medical science and robotic technology.
However, entertainment industry on Mobius is still in the 60's it seems. Color television and television in general was only recently created there, rumor has it.
-Most Mobians are kind and compassionate. It is rare to find a hostile Mobian. They are a very open minded species, and a very sexual one also. They hate cruelty to animals and human beings alike and most will go into a rage if they see someone being bullied or harmed for no reason; they are highly honorable.
-Female Mobians are equal to males in terms of physical strength in some cases.
-Female Mobians usually do not menstruate, but have something similar to "heat." Their body temperature rises a lot and they become very sexually active. Their strength increases greatly, and at times, have even been known to 'rape' the male Mobians. As humorous as it sounds, it is actually a serious issue, and some have been restrained because of their tendancy to have overactive heat phases that either never die down or drive them mentally insane.
Usually they act very calm, but if you flirt with them during heat or tempt them too much all at once, they go into this rage. It is very smart to slowly and surely flirt with them suggestively and playfully rather than going in head first with temptation because they will go into sexual rages due to some strange flaw in the horomonal balances in their bodies.
If you try to flirt with one, don't say I didn't warn you. Mobians are very fun to be around and usually are very bored and will go anywhere and do anything with you.
More to come soon.