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Ki Palace of Martial Arts

The Super Ki Punch and Super Ki Kick

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This is very similar to the Ki Flame Punch mentioned in previous sections. We shall get into using emotions to empower you; such is the thing RadKi is well known for; the use of anger and rage, determination and love, hatred and pain.
1. Gather ki for several minutes into you using the Ki Aura technique as mentioned in Introduction to Ki
2. Think about all the times you have ever become angered, or wronged. Feel your pain and fear swell up inside and turn to rage. Let it consume you completely.
3. Focus on this feeling, but careful not to tense up too much; this just wastes energy.
4. Slow your breathing down; if you did this right, you should be hyped and your judgement slightly clouded.
5. Kiah and throw rapid but well-aimed haymakers. If you know proper kicking techniques, roundhouses to the opponent's legs or sides are good as well as sidekicks.
The Super Ki Kick
This kick has alot of power behind it. Remember to use proper kicking form for whatever kick you are doing. Connect with the top of the foot or mid shin for a round house, the ridge of the outside of the foot for a side kick, or the heel of the foot. NEVER kick with the toes, ever. You can also use this in a knee strike.
Focus your Ki using the Aura technique and place about 75% of it to the part of the leg and foot that you are going to hit someone with (knee for knee strike, ridge of foot or heel for sidekick, top of  foot or shin for roundhouse.) After you have
75% at that part go in for the kick, and kiah loudly. Remember to put weight into your kicks but not so much that you get thrown off balance. Also remember that unless you are strong enough and fast enough, don't use kicks too much in a fight. Your opponent can grab them and seriously mess you up badly. Unless you know what you're doing, don't use kicks - stick to punches.