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This section is slightly biased, and if my personal musing somehow causes you offence, then I am only going to say this once, I apologise. This is the section I am going to let loose with my personal feelings.


The world is a very cruel place. People no longer embrace morals. There are many different kinds of people. Often times you will find the worst ones are the ones that do everything that is evil within legal boundaries. These are the worst  ones, because they will bully people, humiliate them in any way possible, and also be cruel to others and get revenge on someone just because they do not like them. They also will never talk their problems out with someone first and just immediately try to harm them in some way. It is ignorant to say using force is never justified in any situation at all. If such were the case then criminals would roam the earth freely with no prison to hold them. People take advantage of kindness. Just as in prison, if you give your food away just to be nice, they consider this to be weak and will think you are afraid of them. Never feed the lions at the zoo. What happens if you feed the lions in the zoo? They are no longer afraid of you and will devour you along with the food. Mankind is naturally evil. Some people try hard to do the right thing, but in the end, evil is evil.
Just because someone tries to do good and never does the horrible things society does, we can and will eventually do wrong in some form or another. So that being said, it is wrong for people to judge others. Even if you are a picture perfect hristian it is very wrong to point and say, "I am better than this person." Nobody is better than anyone else. You may do something better than someone but that person has their own strengths and weaknesses. To undermine or make fun of someone for how they speak or act is wrong under any circumstance. Even if the person is highly bizarre or does things to anger you, making fun of them is never right. I too have done this and so have you readers probably also. Incidents like he school suicides, bombings and shootings are very real though, and making fun of people and picking on others will end in something like this happening every ingle time someone pushes another human being that far. Even if it didn't, it is still wrong.
Picture this. You're in a Christian military boarding school. The system is crooked. They lied to you at the interview. The leadership doesn't like you and is crooked, making you do extra work and running extra laps every day. You're not popular. You walk in the school hall and people freely come up to you and slap  ou in the face and continue walking, and point at you laughing hysterically, and the authoritive figures either do nothing about it or even join in. The people bullying you? About the age of 17 - 21, while you are of age 11. Your roommate is 19 and in excellent shape. He pushes you on the ground every single day when you get to your room and tells you you're nothing. Beats on you. Noone listens to your screams, hollers for help. He takes advantage of you, steals out of your locker. He then takes things out of other people's lockers and place it in yours to frame you for stealing. He down talks you and tells you you are nothing every single day of your life and there's nothing you can do about it. It still goes on at that school, also. If I wanted, I could release information that would harm them, but I choose not to take revenge.
This exact same thing happened to me. Do you think this is right? People treat me a lot better now, but only because of two things. 1) I'm older now. 2) I'm a lot stronger and bigger than I was when I was younger. The world goes by whoever is bigger and badder is the one that's right. I may be getting respect now, but I should have gotten this respect when I was smaller and younger also. Especially at the age of 11 in a so-called 'Christian' environment with other so-called Christian believers. Religion and being a close follower of that religion has nothing to do with it either; anybody can be this way. Noone ever wants the events above to happen to them. I eventually got out of the boarding school by phoning home. My mother of course felt I deserved everything that happened to me. And who was my mother to judge me? She had done cocaine for so many years and was still doing it without my knowledge, then sends me to a "Christian" military boarding school called Chamberlain Hunt Academy in Port Gibson in Mississippi just because I snuck on the computer at night?
I took off to the internet to escape the harshness of the world. I dropped out of school, because I did not feel safe in school anymore from the constant need to defend myself. The teachers would not like me so they'd say, "meet me here at his time, I don't care what any other teacher says." And then another teacher could appoint this same time. I'd get into trouble because the teachers did not like me, and knew that I was the only one with a schedule that would conflict; so the teachers all conspired to get me into trouble to get me out of there. Is this a safe and secure learning environment for a person? No. In fact, this world is no longer safe.
The very systems the government implements to ensure complete control and a safe environment to live in are the very systems that keep people down, that keep them from persuing their dreams. And it's not just in one place, it's everywhere. By the time I turned 18 I had enough. Even people online were harsh, cruel, and would just use the fact they are not within an arm's reach to get punched to do evil things behind others' backs. People are dishonest. They can now do evil in enhanced ways, such as lie about who they really are, what they look like or what gender they are, where they are from, or pretend to be someone else.
So I started weightlifting, and as I became stronger, only then did people begin to fear me and give me respect. How sad, that only through fear of physical attack from a superiorly stronger person do they respect and be kind to their fellow man. People are as empty shells. Animals, robots that just use the systems of government to their advantage.
How do you think I feel about mankind now that I know how humanity really is? My mother stole funds out of my bank account while I was in the army at Fort Gordon. She used to take me to the church and tell the entire church every time I did something wrong to humiliate me. I no longer go to church either, because all they do is gossip there. They also tried to control me, and one preacher even went so far as to threaten me if I didn't listen to my mother.
Trust noone, look out for yourself. Help those in need, but don't give them so much it takes away from you. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime. Take the time to show somebody how to do something, but never do it for them.

This article is mainly personal musings I've been having for a very long time. Please take no offense. I am usually very open to people about my feelings and feel no need to hide them. This article needs some serious cleaning up, it sounds so depressing.