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The Ki Flame Punch And Ki Flame

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The Ki Flame Punch is a Radki technique. It is just for fun and experimentation with your ki. Remember that when punching, the big index and middle finger knuckles are what should be making contact. Proper punching technique can be learned in many martial arts such as Boxing, Karate, and many others. This is a technique for fun when shadowboxing, hitting a heavy bag, or when sparring perhaps. Remember that it's best to just focus on traditional fighting technique and that this is not to be used in a fight; it is just for fun.
1. Use the Aura technique in the Introduction to Ki section.
2. Imagine a large amount of your aura surrounding your fist in a brilliant orange flame.
3. Throw a haymaker on a heavybag, or on your opponent. This can be used with any kind of strike or block.
This is a modified RadKi technique called the Ki Flame. Keep in mind many RadKi sites use the same techniques, modified techniques, and many of them have the same names or motifs; the version on this site may be far different than on other RadKi sites you may come upon.

Let's give it a try:
1. As in the technique above, form your aura into a flame around your hand.
2. Throw your palm forward as in a palm strike, or a fist as in a straight punch.
Kiah as you do this. You can do this repeatedly for extra effect.