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Ki Palace of Martial Arts

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Email and Contact Page

We realise that with the advancement of technology there's a lot of people that like to abuse it and further the developement of junk email computers, spyware computers, and viral infections; so we have included our emails in a special format to prevent those less-than-friendly people from obtaining them through the usage of their bots.

My Themesong "Bloodlines Bequethed"

Chrono is the founding father of the Ki Sanctuary. He is now working in the Army at the time of posting and is fairly knowledgeable in diet, excercise, and weightlifting to build strength and endurance. He knows basic knowledge of Astral Projection and Ki manipulation and basic martial arts as well. You may email him at the following address. Remember, we typed this address so spam bots can't deliver us junk:
darknovastar  AT   hotmail  DOT   com
For "AT," hold shift and press number two. For the dot, just place a period. The end result would be: (And no, don't click that email. It was just an example and probably isn't even a valid email or one in use anymore.)
I also have MSN Messenger and may be contacted by adding the above email to your contact list. Whenever I'm online feel free to message me at anytime, though sometimes I'm busy and may not always be able to immediately reply, so please be patient.

Eiji Theme - "SF3 - Ryu - Kobu"

Eiji is a long time childhood friend of Chrono's and Chrono considers him to be his brother. They both have the same interests and passion for working out and for the mystical arts as well as their love for Christ and His teachings. He is very open minded and likes to talk about pretty much anything, and is quite easy to get along with.
He has MSN Messenger as well. You may reach him at:
johnlw_18  AT  hotmail DOT com
or for Yahoo!:
shadowdust88   AT   yahoo   DOT   com

Chrono's aim :  "balboathechamp08"
yahoo: ColdWarriorLion [AT] yahoo [DOT] com
Eiji's aim: "thepyrolover"