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Ki Palace of Martial Arts

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This site has moved! Click here to go to the new site, The Ki Sanctuary. This old site will remain up for informational purposes and as a memorial for the old Ki Sanctuary.


Remember to uphold the honor of the martial arts. Be humble, treat others with kindness and respect, yet defend yourself, your family, and your friends when you must. There is a time for peace and a time for war.

Chrono here. Please go to the new site! We are now located there. This site will remain standing for informational purposes and also as a memorial for the old Ki Sanctuary.
Chrono here. Added a chatroom to the main page. Enjoy!
Hey, this is Marty a.k.a. Nick Bryson, one of the former staff of the site.  I'm back, and going to be redesigning the website.  I have big plans to get this place fully up and running like it used to, and this time we WILL be successful.  So stay tuned, stick around, and be sure to sign up for the forums!  Activity helps!  Thanks!
Chrono here. Things are going pretty slow but I added a new race to the Astral Entities section. I also announced a video game project currently in developement. If you want to help me come up with ideas for enemies, plot, characters or anything, go to the Forums and go to "Creativity and Art" and then go to the "Astral Fighters" topic.
Hello again to all. I have updated the Astral Entities Section with two very interesting new additions: Vampires and Reptoids. I hope these are helpful and informative to you.
Greetings, and a Happy New Year to you all. I have decided to upload two new articles, mainly which are just personal musings of different aspects of life, as well as a section regarding Astral Beings that exist within this realm as well. -Chrono
Hello everyone, Chrono again here. I am currently in Joint Base Balad Ab, Iraq. I am doing perfectly fine, though I am rather annoyed at a lot of the things that I constantly see in human society that annoy me. Most commonly being that people only treat me with dignity and respect because I've grown so much more powerful than before.
So why didn't I ever get this respect when I wasn't as powerful? Humanity doesn't embrace the ideals of what's right or wrong anymore; they are not of God and are naturally evil. I'll be posting some very interesting articles once I am able to properly place these thoughts into words.
If you'd like more news about what's going on with me, please go to , my Deviantart page. See you around.
Hello, all; this is Chrono and I am currently in Camp Buerhing, Kuwait. I will be here for several weeks training and climatising to the over 110 degree weather. Unfortunately I am unable to log in to my Deviantart account, hotmail account, or my admin account on the forums at this time though I can observe them all as a guest.
I wish to inform all of you that I will work on the site when I have the time; as of right now we've been working like crazy and I'm risking getting into a LOT of trouble just by taking the time to post this up here. Feel free to leave me emails and please spread the word to those of you who are attempting to contact me because I have no other way to stay in touch right now and calling cards are highly expensive; I also have no way to get to my funds as of right now but hopefully that will change once I get more time to do the things I want.
Peace be with you all and keep training.
I have updated the Bible section with a few verses that support our views. They loosely support them, but they do support them nonetheless. Soon to come shall be more detailed articles involving fighting techniques in grappling and perhaps also some more workouts. -Chrono
Hello, everyone. This is Chrono. I know it has been some time, and I'd like to explain what all has happened. In the past, the Ki Sanctuary has gone on and offline many times. Back in the days of old, we had skirmishes with other online energy community (OEC) websites that disagreed with our methods and teachings as well as clashes with the Skeptical Organisations that seek to down all religions and mystical arts.
Back in September of 2006, I'd had enough of the drama and decided to do something with my life. I joined the army and am now part of the 1/25th SBCT, 5-1 CAV HHT troop. I am getting deployed soon. I'll still be on MSN and AIM occasionally and also shall be updating this site once every few months during my one year tour of Iraq. I'll be posting workouts and I'll keep the old RadKi techniques up, but I'll be posting mainly workout and diet plans as well as some basic articles about overall health and some meditations.
Godspeed to you all. Remember to uphold the honor of the martial arts. -Chrono

Hello, everyone. This is Eiji. I have gained a partner to help me out with the site and teaching you all. I hope this will be a great new experience for you all. I am doing this to help my longest friend I ever had. We did martial arts together and gained a lot from each other. This site is now a 50/50 partnership. I Eiji and Chrono. We give our best to help you out in your problems dealing with martial arts and ki. Thank you all for your time. Remember that honor of a martial artist is earned not taken. Give it your best shot. Don't give up and never let go!
This website is about bettering yourself and being all that you can be. Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm and also share what you know within our forums. The site speaks from a Christian perspective, but you do not have to have any sort of religious belief at all to participate. As you may have already figured it out there are many sites on this energy known as ki, or chi. But many ignorant people commonly reffered to as dbzers turn ki upside down saying it can be used to blow up buildings, levitate, etc. But this site teaches the truths on ki and what it is supposed to be used for and can be used for as well as how to use it. Go to the sections on the left side for info on emailing us with suggestions and comments.
We invite you to join and participate in our community. Please join our forums. We hope you enjoy your stay here; please let us know how we can make this site better.
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." -Isaiah 41:10