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Here you shall find useful information regarding excercise and proper foods to eat. This is a basic excercise program and is easy to modify to your own personal needs. Keep in mind there's hundreds of thousands of excercise regimens, some easier or harder than others. Remember to never fall scam to these commercials on television with these "Hollywood starvation diets." They never work. There's no shortcut to hard work my friends, and here's how you can work your way to a better body and mind.

Let us first go over some basic nutritional facts. Starvation is not the way to fat loss and building of muscle. Only hard work and excercise can burn calories, which fat is stored in. The body needs three main components to produce the amino acids and energy your body needs to grow and survive to function properly: Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins.
Fat is not good to take in excess amounts though it is a necessary element. Stay away from things like cookies, junk foods, sweets and other things. While on the subject of fats, the only fats that are actually good for you are fish fats, and omega-3 fatty acids. The cholesterol from most seafood is good for you also and is the only known good cholesterol on the planet that can actually remove bad cholesterol and PREVENT heart attack. Yes, you heard me right. Fish cholesterol and fish fat help prevent heart attack. But not fried fish. Just baked.
Stay away from trans fats. Trans fats are fats they made in the early 1900s to preserve food on market shelves. But recently a lot of products are cutting back as they have found these fats are the reason so many Americans suffer from obesity and heart attack. A common marketting scam is "0g trans fat." Look in the ingredients list. If it says anything like "Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils," or "hydrogenated oils," or anything of the sort, SCRAP it. It has trans fat. The FDA recently legalised claiming a product has 0g if it is less than 0.5 g which is still a very bad amount and hard to burn off.
Also, breads - consume only wheat bread. Sound easy? No, because the market also scams you on bread. If the ingredients say "Enriched" anywhere in there, it's white bread that's just had the seeds readded to it. Basically, unless the ingredients say ONLY "whole wheat flour," it is not wheat flour. Also look at the entire ingredients list. If it's a mile long, it's probably not wheat flour - and sometimes they put the words "enriched unbleached" to throw you off. So make sure it just says "Whole wheat flour" and nothing else.
With this being said, here's a good diet to have if you want to build strength and have a lot of energy. Keep in mind you must still be active. As soon as you wake up every morning, stretch, and before you do anything, immediately consume a glass of water, because you dehydrate during sleep. Every two hours, drink a small glass of water and have a bite to eat.
Good Foods to consume every two hours, during morning hours are:
Apples, Smuckers Organic Peanut Butter, Slice of wheat bread, fruits of any kind, scrambled eggs with fish oil for cooking, boneless skinless chicken breast by itself or with ketchup / bbq sauce, turkey, tunafish with no more than a tablespoon of mayonaise, butterbeans, greenbeans, spinach, or any kind of vegetable.
Good lunch foods are:
Ground Round Beef Patty cooked with Canola or fish oil, protein shakes such as Muscle Milk by Cytosport, protein bars such as Oh Yeah! Protein Bars, seafood that is baked, fruit of any kind, Tilapia fillets.
Good dinner / after midnight hour foods if you're a nocturnal creature:
Peanuts, Cashews, nuts of any kind, beef jerkey, though not too much; watch your sodium intake and make sure you never exceed about 80% of your DV and drink plenty of water. Avoid microwave meals and fast food whenever possible.
Protein consumption is important. All of these foods have protein in them as it is the building blocks of your muscle cells. Make sure to intake protein whenever you can but do not overload your body. Eat SMALL PORTIONS every two hours. Your stomach shall take a month or so to get used to this diet and it's tough when you have a job or school to do. Make sure you manage your money well and if you must, eat every 3 to 4 hours if you're running low on food.
Vegetarians may wish to substitute meats with soy protein or whey protein products but please consult your doctor if you are allergic to any of these proteins. Some people have allergic reactions to many of the foods listed above so please do be careful and consume at your own risk my friends.
Also some supplements worth looking into are Muscle Milk by Cytosport, Luekic by Team Muscletech, Creakic by Team Muscletech, and the revolutionary and superior Arson Fat Burner by Team Muscle Asylum, at

If you have read the article to the left (I know, I need to organise this page, so please be patient, it's in the template format right now) then you should have a fairly good idea of good foods to consume for your health. Gatorade is fine also but don't overdo it or your body will crave just that. Sweet tea is good also. If I've forgotten anything please email me and I'll add it here as needed, see the Email page.
Now we'll go over some basic weight training methods. This is a basic weight program that I created myself and it can help you become very strong. You can do this many ways. You can either work all the excercises in one day and rest the entireity of the next day, or pick two excercises you do one day, two the next, so this way you can work out one or two muscle groups a day, and rest the others the next. This program is a pyramid style workout. My friends have claimed this is called the "Nebraskan Pyramid," so we shall call it that for now.
The Flat Benchpress.
The Flat Benchpress is known as the "Grandfather of all strength training excercises." It works the triceps, pectorals of the chest, shoulders and parts of the neck and upper back.
To perform, make sure your body lay flat on the bench and that your hands are equally spaced apart. Practice and warm up on the bar with 25 reps. Reps means repititions; you lower the bar all the way until it touches your chest, then push it back up. Do not arch your back or use your legs. Your arms and chest are the only things that should be flexed and moving, nothing else in your entire body. I weightlifted for years without realising I arched my back and even put my legs into it. This is effective for lifting a bit more than normal but shall not strengthen your targetted areas at all.
Start out with your One Rep Max (1RM shall be the abbreviation on this site.) This is the amount of weight you can lift only once with all of your muscular strength. If you failed, put it back on the rack, and lower the weight. If you succeed, then good. Rest for about 60 seconds but no longer than 120 seconds, using deep breaths, or preferably, deep Ki Breathing as mentioned in the previous section Introduction to Ki.
Lower the weight by 10 pounds, and lift for as many reps as you can. Rest 90 or so seconds, then keep the weight the same. You should do 2 or 3 sets on each weight and keep lowering the weight until you get down to the bar. Lift the bar as many times as you can and then you are complete with this set of the pyramid.
Bicep Curl
I prefer you use free weight bicep curls and not the machines. A bar or a dumbbell bicep curl is fine, whichever you prefer. Sitting or standing, does not matter. The form I use, I hold the dumbbell up, wrist at shoulder level. Lower about midway until your forearm is parallel to the ground, then back up to shoulder level. This is one rep. It works the overall bicep to do it this way but if you so desire lower your arm all the way to your waist and raise it back up. Whichever you prefer. Try to let ONLY your arm perform the motion and nothing else, no back arching. Which is why sitting or preacher curls are more popular methods.
Start with your 1RM and lower 5 pounds each set. Really only one set on each weight is enough to maintain or have decent progress. A one rep max on the bicep curl is usually VERY difficult, so if you must, lift your 3 to 4 rep max first.
Get on a situp bench and have it tilted all the way upwards. Perform as many situps as you can with your arms crossed over your chest. You can have your hands behind your head though this is far too easy and doesn't target back muscles. If you get to where you can do 60 within 2 minutes, going all the way down and all the way back up, your abdominals are in excellent condition. You can't really 1RM a situp unless you have some way to incorporate weights into it or are using an abdominal machine of some sort. If there is a way to do this, then by all means, try the pyramid, though I have no clue what it'd do to your abs.
Leg Press
You may substitute this with squats if you wish. I cannot perform squats due to back problems so the leg press is the excercise I must use. This is fairly simple; place the weight on the racks, release the level, and plunge the weight downwards until your feet are a wee bit away from where your knees started out at, and then push back up.
If you'd like to see a monster of a man performing a 2300 pound leg press, you may witness this inspiring and motivational media here:
That is Ronnie Coleman, one of the greatest athletes of all time. Other noteworthy athletes that we admire here are Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger (sp?) and Jay Cutler.
To conclude your workout, run on a treadmill for about 2 miles at at least an 8mph pace. If you become tired, slow to about 4mph, catch your breath with Ki Breathing, then attempt the 8mph or higher pace again. That is all.

Remember for those of you suffering food allergies, consult your physician. Also, if you have any sort of arthritis or asthma, be cautious and have your wits about you. You can still do a light workout, but be careful and have a spotter always by your side.