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This page is for those of you new to ki.

Ki is a Japanese term for "Life Force." The spelling has manyvariations; "Qi," "Chi," and many others. Throughout the site you shall hear it referred to as "Ki." What is Ki? Ki is within everything; it is life force. Living things usually have a lot more Ki than non-living things. Bruce Lee taught that you inherit half of your Ki from your mother, and the other half from your father. You get Ki from the oxygen you breath, the foods you eat, and what you drink. So it also is very important to have a balanced, nutrional diet and drink plenty of water. Now, let's go over some simple excercises you can try so you can see just how easy it is to use.

The first excercise we shall speak of is the Ki Ball. Basically stand up with your feet shoulder width apart and have your hands facing each other as if holding a basketball. Look at the space between your hands and imagine a ball of powerful energy glowing brilliantly forming. Move your hands in and out. Breathe in as you do this, pressing the tip of your tongue against the back of your top front teeth, imagining Ki from the air you take in going into your lungs and flowing smoothly throughout your entire body, invigorating and empowering you. Breathe out by letting your stomach naturally contract. When breathing in, it is important to also let your stomach naturally contract outwards. A lot of us suck in our stomach to look more fit; do not do this while Ki breathing. It is good, however, to have good posture: Stand straight up with your shoulders back, chest out. A lot of people naturally hunch over without even realising it. This exaggerated posture should be held at any anytime. It shall develope your back and leg muscles also. As you perform this, you may see faint transparent colors, the air moving slightly, vibration, heat or coolness, or many other sensations. This is just an excercise to show you that Ki exists and can be controlled slightly to help improve your body's functions just slightly.

The Ki Aura shall be next. Basically, this technique is simple. There is a small cavity just three inches below your belly button called the dan tien. Visualise it as a small golden orb. Whenever you Ki Breathe as in the technique described above, visualise Ki being stored there. A great way to get an adrenaline rush isto do this aura technique. Visualise the energy from your dan tien flaming up around you and the ki moving at a high speed. For those of you that have ever seen Dragonball, this is what they do when they have the flaming aura around them. Flex your muscles slightly for a split second and do ki breathing. If you want to, Kiah (yell for extra energy as many martial arts teach) as you visualise a burning flame around you, empowering you. This is great for motivation and giving you an adrenaline surge when working out, weightlifting, or doing anything physical, really. You can even use ki for speeding up mental processes just slightly. Of course you will still get tired so do not overuse this; it's just a technique that I prefer to use when sprinting some place or perhaps sometimes when grappling. Sometimes this extra visualisation can just distract you, but this is just a tech to use for fun, so do not expect this to give you some superpowers because it won't.
The best way to build up a lot of Ki is meditation. Another way is by excercise such as cardiovascular excercise or weight lifting. We shall discuss all of these things as well as diet plans and such to suit your needs later.