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Ki Palace of Martial Arts

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Astral Projection
Astral Entities
The Ki Flame Punch And Ki Flame
Ki Blast and Ki Disk
The Super Ki Punch and Super Ki Kick
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Here are the Forums Rules.

The forums are a place where you and other visitors of this website can discuss common subjects and share information. Remember that in any place there are people sometimes there will be skirmishes, heavy or heated debates and discussions, and occasionally hard feelings will arise.
Do not take anything people say on the internet personally. Just be kind to others, discuss and ask questions or share what you know, and try to get along with everyone even if you don't like them. Just don't talk to people you don't get along with.
If anything goes wrong, contact the root admin, Chrono. He will see to it troublemakers are dealt with. It is always good to try to talk out your problems peacefully and I actually encourage you all to work out your own differences. Now, let's have a good time learning and improving ourselves.

Have you read the above and agree to it? Click this text and Welcome to the forums.