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Ki Blast and Ki Disk

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The Ki Blast is a generic RadKi technique. It really does not do much of anything. A lot of the RadKi techniques, however, can be used during Astral Projection. Depending on what area of the astral planes you are in, they can be just as ineffective, or very effective. It depends.
To perform it, do the Ki Aura technique as described in Introduction to Ki . Form the Ki Ball in your hand and imagine the ki within it swelling and drawing more Ki to it from the surrounding environment, speeding up inside and making it vastly explosive and unstable.

Throw it from the palm or fist in a punch-like motion towards your target. You can control its motion also. This technique is not to be used in a real fight. In astral projection, it is to be used from a distance until your opponent is close enough to resort to hand to hand fighting.
Ki Disk (Kienzan)
This is similar to a technique used often by the character and young martial artist of the Turtle Crane style, Krillin, of Dragonball. Basically, you lift one hand over your head, palm facing up as if holding a pizza tray. Perform the Aura technique and Ki Ball as mentioned in Introduction to Ki and then imagine the ki flattening into a razor-sharp disc. Imagine it spinning faster and faster and that ki is being drawn into it, adding to its size. Remember as with all techniques keep your focus and keep using the Ki Breathing as well.
You can throw it like a sawblade or use it as a shield in the Astral Planes. We shall discuss Astral Projection in upcoming sections.