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Astral Projection


Astral Projection is when you leave behind your physical body and your mind and spirit drift in a world with no boundaries. You can do anything you want or go anywhere you desire, and can even interact with others that are astral projecting.

But be aware to think of good things, or else evil will be attracted to you. Basically all this is, is controlling your dreams. Before you begin, please take a moment to read up here.

Puzuzu's Astral Projection Method:

During Astral Projection, you are boundless and limitless. But you should not kill or commit acts of evil there. The Laws of Karma are in effect and of good and of evil, just as they are in the real world. People you affect there can help you; they can help you in ways that real people in this world cannot.

The RadKi techniques previously discussed, although useless in this plane, are extremely powerful and potent within the Astral Realms. Reason being is the Astral Planes are the dwelling place of every sentient and concious being's thoughts. This also means it's not uncommon to see mythical beings, or even fictional characters.

Remember that Astral Projection is for fun, but also can be used to better yourself in many ways. Do not make the mistake of going there to harm people or you yourself will find you plant seeds of evil there.

Many astral beings exist. Demons and angels being the most common of all. They exist in this world also. Though they are not flesh nor physical, they can plant seeds in people's minds. A good character in the astral planes such as a hero someone made up may act as an angel, whilest a villain, may act as a demon.

Examples are as follows: A gang member could have a demon nearby. The demon could plant a "seed" on the astral planes into his mind. "Go, rise and kill your hated enemy." However, that man has a choice to do so or not. God frowns everytime a man listens to the temptations of a demon.

Angels and good characters are constantly at war with demons and evil characters. Angels are much more discreet, while a demon doesn't mind casually appearing and bullying a person, an angel prefers to act in silence because they wish for man to be able to learn to solve their own problems and struggles. Angels are far more mysterious than demons and usually keep to themselves, or so it seems.

I realise some of our teachings here are slightly biased. Please do not be offended, and you are free to believe as you wish. God bless you all.

Astral Projection is viewed with both skepticism and mystery; not even scientists can seem to explain how or why it works or happens. They also have found more evidence supporting Astral Projection than denying its existence. Remember that this is always difficult to perform; even the most experienced may have troubles. If you die too many times, it also becomes increasingly difficult to project.