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Ki Palace of Martial Arts
Types of Energy

The types of energy

Ki: Ki is the universal energy that runs through all livings things. Color is green, and can be harnessed for attacks and healing. Chinese pronunctiation is chi.

Mana: Free energy. It is the energy you use in witch craft for calling apon the elements. It can also be used to boost ki attacks. But mana is very unstable and unsafe.

Jing: A subgroup of ki. Because ki is a spiritual energy, it cannot do physical harm. That is why we have jing, to give a visible, physical effect. When enough ki is added together, it compacts into jing. When you strain your muscles you are squezzing out jing.

Light Matter: This is not used on my website, but I shall tell you what it is. It is energy that consists of pure good. Because of that nature, it is very devistating to the forces of evil. Dark matter is the obsolute opposite.

Yi: The intension you have to get the mission done. Yi trasilates into intention and is VERY important in ANY energy training. The stronger yi you have, the more likely the energy will do what you want it to.

Kundalini: Transilates into coiling like a snake. It is a more powerful energy that can only be accessed when all chakras are open.

Shen: A very mysterious energy. It can so far only be accessed when one is in a state of extreme anger. It is this energy that attributes to the limit break. Limit breaking allows you to surpass your normal amount of energy. When one achieves shen, one is truly mysterious.

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