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Ki Palace of Martial Arts
Hybird Psi

Hybrid Psi

The Hybrid Psychism

First, you must realize that there is no gravity, just energy holding you down. This is because the negative and positive energies are coliding to heep you in place. Your body has the negative charges, while the energy coming down has the positive charges. Here's the effect. Raise one hand up above your head, and the other below your waist. Make the bottom one come up, and the top one come down. They'll colide mid-way and hold eachother still. But if you hold one hand out at chest level, and the other above your head, then when the top hand comes down, if the other goes with it instead of colides against it, the top hand looses all it's force. It's the same way with "gravity."
Realizing that, make the negative charges in your body go with the positive charges(go with the flow). This will neutralize all effects that the energy had on gravity. At this point, your legs should feel waitless. Bring that feeling up through your entire body. At this point all you have to do is close your eyes and use your will power to lift you up. "feel" yourself going up in your mind. If you can make that feeling realistic, then when you open your eyes, you should be hovering about 3-4 inches off the ground. The stronger the will, the higher you go. All you have to do is keep the feeling inside of you to stay up.

Mind Reading:
Look at someone(a friend) that's standing about 6 feet away from you. Think of something you want to know about them. Think of this real hard for this is the goal you will try to reach. Look at them directly in the eyes. Visualize your sight peircing through there eyes and looking into their mind. At this point, a bunch of images should start flashing through your mind, all of them containing some sort of info about what they're thinking. Use your will power to look hard and stay very aware through this sudden flash of memories and images. If concentration is strong enough, the images will stop flashing through and stop at the image that will show you what you wanted to know. Look at and study the image. The answer to your question will suddenly pop into your head.

Using a pendulum:
The pendulum is a VERY good begginer's choice to learn how to feel the psychic waves in the air. It's what I started out with. To make a pendulum, take a string of thread and tie a farely-light object to the end. Hold it by the tip of the string in your dominant hand. Start off by asking yourself a "yes or no" question in your head. Observe the pendulum and pay close attention to which way it begins to move. Clockwise, counter-clockwise, left and right, and up and down. The pendulum will do one of those depending on the answer. If the answer is yes, then which ever way it swings will be the sign that the answer is yes. Figure out which way your's swings for every type of answer.
Once you've observed and memorized what each direction means, you can start to practice with private audiences(one or two friends). Have them ask you a yes or no answer question. Watch which way the pendulum swings, and answer accordingly. If you did it right, you should answer the question correctly. The effect on the people watching will probably be something like "Holy sh*t! how the hell did he/she do that?" After continuos practice with the pendulum, you should begin to notice that you will know the answer to the question before the pendulum has time to react. That means that you are gaining the ability to 'feel' the vibes in the air as the pendulum does. Thus, the pendulum has served it's purpose.

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